How Much Do You Charge For an Inspection?

January 21, 2019

By Jay Hoffman

No doubt this is a valid question and one that needs to be asked but when it is the first thing I hear from a prospective client I begin thinking quietly we may not be a good fit. I say that because after a moment or two of being chased around for a better price it becomes clear price is the top priority for this person. That is where I step off. 

As an independent inspector I choose my clients too. I desire a client whose top priority is in obtaining an accurate picture of the home they are interested in from a safety and function standpoint. I enjoy working with a client who appreciates a report that is clear and concise, easy to view, includes lots of pictures, and the language of the report is understandable to them. 

Most of all I appreciate a client who seeks out an inspector based on demonstrated performance and integrity. A client needs to trust their inspector is thorough and has their best interest at heart.

Whether you are looking for a home inspection or a home energy score or both, be sure to check out our credentials first. Ask; are we state licensed/certified, and do we belong to a credible national organization that keeps us current and adhering to a set of standards as well as a code of ethics? Ask to see our professional standards. They will inform you in great detail just what a basic inspection includes. 

And by the way, basic inspection prices have not changed much over the last ten years. They range between $360 - $425 depending on the home to be inspected.