Should We Buy This Home?

October 24, 2018

By Jay Hoffman

This crawlspace picture actually came from a home I inspected circa 1780. I could show you many more photos from the same inspection that would make your skin crawl. 

It all begged the question; Should we buy this home? I get asked that question regularly. The short answer is I cannot tell you whether or not you should buy this home. Nor should any licensed inspector tell a client whether they should or should not buy a home. It can actually be illegal to do so.

We are bound by our professional code of ethics. An inspector is the only neutral party in a real estate process.Think about it for a moment. The sellers realtor has built a positive image of the home in order that it be as appealing as it possibly can be. The buyers realtor is hoping to make the sale and works hard to make it happen. This is not meant to be a put down toward either one. Both are on a mission and both work hard with integrity to complete their mission. 

The property inspector has no stake in whether the home sells or not. He/she only cares about how safe the home is and are the systems that comprise the home functioning. That's it. The best service we as inspectors can offer you is a complete and accurate assessment of the home with regard to safety and function. With the finished report in hand, including pictures, you are more than prepared to sit down with the people you trust, review the data, and make an educated decision.

So next time, you need not ask the question; Should be buy this home? You already know the answer.